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by Felicity Blaze Noodleman
Los Angeles, CA
2. 7.14

Hi there again!  This week’s article will discuss what motivates me to write this blog and the work which goes into the process.  You know; the conception, where the “Noodleman Group” is now and what the future might hold.   It's sometimes a good idea to define what the "Noodleman Group is. We have expanded our "Group" concept from the founding  of our blog in 2012.  Now the "Group is not only our writing here on blogspot; but you our readers and is also the selected news and other supporting articles and publications found all over the Internet.

Since beginning our blog back in May of 2012 we have found our need to exercise our right to the freedoms found in the first amendment of our Constitution - freedom of speech and the press. Today; more than ever, The bloated Federal Government in Washington DC is controlled by Unions which extend to every level of Government. It also even extends to all forms of the media and in Entertainment. These Unions attempt to control our thoughts and lives with their agenda.  

Here at the "Noodleman Group" we are free of these dominating influences and will always strive to write the truth about all  issues of the day.  Even when it means speaking out against some of the most powerful people in Government.  We will also promise to substanchiate and document our writing with some of the most reliable and trusted writers in the world!

Also; this could be two articles as you will soon see but I’ll leave it as is.  The topics I’ll be covering are:

  • How has Personal computing changed my life
  • Why the pen name Felicity Blaze Noodleman
  • What Inspires the articles I write
  • The research done in composing articles
  • What will the future hold for the “Noodleman Group

First of all I would like to thank my “muse” Gregory Remington Seagull (he wants to remain anonymous).   He liked my stories and views so much that he suggested I write a blog!  Thanks Gregory! He is one of the most happily adjusted and cheerful men I’ve met.  He likes helping people, loves his job and is loved by all at the office where he works.

Secondly; I would like thank Google for providing the Blog format and giving blogger’s an out let to express them on the web.  Google has done so much to make the internet such a powerful tool with their search engine and their incorporated features such as “images”, “maps”, “gmail” and “Google Earth”. Since I’ve been computing there have been three great milestones defining the PC age.  (1)  Apple Computer releases the “Macintosh” - 1984  (2) “MS Office” released - 1989 and (3) Google incorporated 1998.

Since my first computer, a Macintosh IIsi, there have been other significant events enlarging the personal computing experience and now that I think about it can’t believe I had a front seat to see it all happen.  Upgrades for the motherboard – SCSI devices, RAM & improvements, upgraded CPU’s, modems, bigger hard drives, iPod’s and iPhone’s and an endless list of new and upgraded software of which included “Web Browsers” and then”JAVA” for the web. 

Newer computer applications from digital photography to music and motion picture production it seemed like the computer was taking over my life.  This all happened between l984 and the early 2000’s.   At one point I was really wishing everything would just level off and stabilize!  Stop it!  Just stop; I can’t keep up with the million people developing newer everything.  I’m just one girl on a limited computing budget!  Who knows what will be coming in the next 20 years. 

IBM was the undisputed authority internationally in business mainframe computing in 1970 but with a new onslaught of high-tech companies specializing in every area of the computing field their business was beginning to change forever.  It was truly a revolution.  The NASDAQ stock exchange was founded in 1971 to supplement the Dow Jones Industrials, The S&P 500 and supplied these “Small Cap.” companies with the means to raise capital in the sometimes risky field of highly specialized development for the new high techs’.  It was capitalism at its finest.  Computers could never have evolved without a vehicle like the NASDAQ.  The revolution is still continuing today and will bring some truly radical changes in every area of computing and how people will use them.   

The chart below, which we can’t read or analyze, illustrates how chaotic and quickly the changes and advances came about in the early years of personal computing up into today.  These days the CPU is everywhere doing everything.  From automobiles to greeting cards the microprocessor has vastly improved the products in which they have been incorporated into.

New products are exploding everywhere and are easily hand held and more portable than ever.  From the cell phones we use in our everyday telecommunications to  the variations of the "ipad" which are sold by so many electronic companies. Because of this revolution everything now is truly getting smaller, faster and cheaper!  The newest innovation which may be in our future are buildings which are constructed by machines that operate like the printers or plotters we use to make a hard copy of our computer generated work.

Following the 3D printer trend, professor Behrokh Khoshnevis from the University of South Carolina has developed a 3D printer that could build your house in a matter of hours, layer by layer.  Instead of having to hire a team of construction workers, you could have a basement to roof, computer designed home, that will be built using a method called “Contour Crafting”, a process by which objects are created using a layer-by-layer technique.

So now that is all out of the way - on with this article.  Where did the pen name “Felicity Blaze Noodleman” comes from?  “Felicity Blaze” is based on the European cartoon strip character by Denis Bodart entitled “Chastity Blaze” whose real name is Chastity Brown.  She’s something like “Wonder Woman”.  She is also very hard to research and there is very little about her or Denis on the web.  I’ve seen two movies about her character and her name stuck with me.  She also reminds me a little of “Tank Girl”!  “Noodleman” is a concoction of names Gregory and I came up with to describe what I do – whether it’s writing or music I noodle around with things until they are just right.

Next; the inspiration for my articles is just plain ol’e everyday stuff.  Commentary of the day. Things I feel need to be spotlighted and written about.  Two of my favorite commentators in the media - news paper, radio and TV - out of the many personalities in my life have been Paul Harvey, an AM ABC radio commentator and Andy Rooney of the CBS TV program “60 Minutes”.  Both always had a lighter take on issues of the day and gave you a little chuckle while making a subtle point.  Sadly; both have passed on. Now we have a whole new medium opening up and I am here to claim my celebrity on the Internet Blog. I may only be a Doodle but I Noodle very well!

Finally; since there are always more than one side to a story, I always try to find as much information as possible on the web.  Articles using Google, Wikipedia, and books to supplement my own personal knowledge of the subjects.  I strongly feel the articles should be able to stand up to scrutiny and not just be based on personal bias.

So just where will the Noodleman Group be going in the future?  Well I hope we will be getting bigger and somehow we will launch ourselves into the news reporting and editorial business.  By that time we will be playing the money game and needing a much bigger staff, so who can tell.  We’ll hope for the best!  See you next week and remenber we're always on here at

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