Friday, August 15, 2014

IN MY LIFE 40,968

by Felicity Blaze Noodleman
Los Angeles, CA

We would like to dedicate this weeks article to “The Baby Boomers” generation.  This title comes from the song written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney of The Beatles.  Although I could have chosen the title from a list of music written back so long ago like “My Generation” by The Who or Dylans “The Times They Are A'Changin’ ”.  We won’t bore everybody with a long wordy essay about Boomers but merely highlight the accomplishments of this generation as we are beginning to head off into our twilight years.

It seems especially appropriate to remember this stellar talent this week since have receiving the tragic news of the suicide of one of our great entertainment talents, Robin Williams.  Robin was a "Boomer" and we thought it would be different to remember the things we all accomplished together.  We won't go into a long description of Robin's life; they are all listed in so many places by so many other sources.  Each has their own memories of his work and accomplishments.

In my life boomers have:

·         Ended the Vietnam war

·         Ended the cold war

·         Eastern European Nations liberated from Soviet domination

·         Brought down the Berlin Wall reunifying Germany

·         Brought free enterprise to China

·         Invented the Microwave Oven

·         Re invented the computer, video games, ect.

·         Wrote the computer programming

·         The digital revolution

·         The cellular phone and other palm held devices

·         Invented the first reusable space craft (STS) “Enterprise”

·         Invented “Robotics”

·         Launched the “Hubble” space telescope

·         Remote exploration of all planets in our solar system

·         Landed probes on and around Mars

·         Many new medical and surgical innovations

·         Cleaned up the environment

·         Civil rights for one and all

Quite an impressive list of achievements.  If we name every innovation and invention the list could stagger the imagination.  Boomers have raised the bar significantly for the generations which are to follow.
As you will notice the first four events are directly related to the ending of war and the establishment of freedom.  The Boomers were strongly opposed to war and loudly advocated peace.  I think we have been largely successful.  Make no mistake about it, War is becoming so old school and obsolete as a tool for handling disputes between nations. Peace and freedom is breaking out all over the world!
We have given the generations who will follow us broad shoulders to stand on and the building blocks for world peace, free enterprise and freedom as we reach for the stars.  We hope they will be used well.  For the younger of our readers who are commonly referred to generation “X” and “Y” – we would like to rename all of you as “The Peace Generation” and “The Global Generation”; these names are highly applicable and sound more sophisticated. 
As Boomers are so fond of saying, “Peace Brother” and “Live Long and Prosper”!  Oh yes and one other expression from Mork; "NA-NU, NA-NU"!

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