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President Barack Obama came out into the Rose Garden, on Tuesday, to say that more than seven million people had enrolled in private health-insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges.

by Felicity Blaze Noodleman
Los Angeles, CA
April. 4.14

Was the first April Fool's?  Oh Well!  We are re posting an older article with some new material for this week because the new article intended to be posted is still incomplete.  First we will be adding ten new illustrations of Obama at his best and then continue with the older gallery of the President at work.

Americans love their Presidents or maybe it’s just that Americans love to make fun of their Presidents!  Every administration since who knows when has had to deflect the slings and arrows of the political cartoonists.  They are sharp whited with pens sharper than swords. As the chief executive tries to lead the nation to ever and ever; well what ever direction the President takes the country in political satirists will be there to illustrate the moment!  The Obama administration is no exception to the murky laws of the press; and they love him!

Did we mention the word “LOVE”?  Whether you like, love, admire or are on the other side of the coin and dislike, hate, depressed and are generally sickened by the president there is no shortage of political satire for Barack Obama’s track record in office!  A new phenomenon of the Internet age has brought about the “do it yourself” political commentary artists and “Google Images” abounds with their “Photo Shopped” creations.  

We have resisted and generally or otherwise restrained from these “Obama Abominations” and tried to use only the middle of the road professional art work found in the popular press these days. Many of these did not appear with captions and are self explanatory if you are able to recall the events which inspired them.  We will not license ourselves to comment on these - we will leave that up to you!

Since the days of President Washington political cartoonists have tried to visualize and depict the policies and direction of the Presidency in some form or another.  Could it be that Presidents say “YES” when they really mean “NO” or even worse; when they really don’t know at all?  The pundits try to put the true spin on the issues of the day and so many times there is a humorous side to the situation.  With little effort at all the best laid plans of the administration sometimes land on the political satirist’s drawing board to become tomorrow’s commentary in the editorial pages of the press. 

Maybe another way to state the situation is, “a little sugar makes the medicine taste better”!  Whatever the case;  political cartoons seem to be a staple of everyday American life.  President Barack Obama is no exception to this rule.  For the man who expected to be Americas first Liberal African President with a Civil Rights agenda, the truth seems to be “No we can’t “ when he said “yes we can” and the direction he is moving in seems to be backward when he boldly proclaimed “forward”.  At any rate, President Obama got “change”, maybe just not the kind of change he wanted.

After sifting through thousands of political cartoons from the history of the Presidents tenure in office, this week we will try to bring some of the brightest and best for your consideration.  Unfortunately; many were found on other blog sites and not their original postings but we want to give the artists credit.  We will try to present these "Master peaces"  in the chronological order for which these events occurred - we hope!


Washington and Beijing. Birds of the same feathers, fly together. It emerged recently that Germany happens to be the most-snooped-on EU country by the American National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA’s real-time online surveillance PRISM program allows US intelligence agencies to intercept virtually any communications over the internet, phone calls and makes possible direct access to files stored on the servers of major internet companies.

Steve Sack, Cagle Cartoons, The Minneapolis Star Tribune

One has to wonder with all of the Chicago machine appointees that Obama has in his administration, how much of the Chicago corruption will end up in the White House.


Hillary for Secretary of State: One Big Happy Family.

Obama said that the one million dollar cash prize will be donated to charity. Will it be to one based out of Chicago? Perhaps it will be earmarked for a charitable organization to fund a bid for another Summer Olympic Games.




The countrys first "Gay” President"?  
Kichka Isreal chanel 1 Jerusalem, Isreal

Obama and Health Care Reform

The artist, William Warren, confirms the American fear: that President Obama is a socialist. The public is terrified of this assumption, and believe Obamacare is a step towards America becoming a socialist country.  His proposed health care reform is different than any previous health care, and the fact of the matter is, it scares some people. Most do not accept change with open arms, and fully reject health care reform.




What fiscal cliff?  Mere days after Christmas, Barack Obama is playing the role of a belated Santa Claus and giving pay increases to Vice President Biden, members of Congress, judges across the country, foreign service employees, and federal workers.

Gun control is one issue on which President Obama has already shown a willingness to work around Congress, notes cartoonist Dave Granlund.


Clinton and Obama

He will blame the Republicans.  Congress specifically. If Obama is re-elected he will take more vacations, sign more EO's (executive orders), send Michelle off on lavish vacations and suck all the money he can out of hard working tax payers to benefit his family and cronies.  First black president? Too bad he failed so many Americans.



The work of conservative cartoonist Glen McCoy has been assailed by at least one reader, in a letter to the editor.

"I am incensed, appalled and saddened by the political cartoon (Glenn McCoy, March 26) you chose for (Monday’s) paper,"  E. Betsy Michaud wrote. "I am appalled by the cartoonist’s view that our president is pictured as a black track runner who is trying to draw attention to himself by running over Trayvon’s body as he breaks the ‘police investigation-do not cross’ lines, in front of photographers (whose arms and faces are all white), and holding his 'I’m Number One' fingers in the air, as many track ‘winners’ do.“

Editorial cartoonist Steve Sack says Obama is on a Nixonian slippery slope, while John Cole suggests the president has evolved into Tricky Dick himself. Steve Sack, (Minneapolis) Star Tribune

This concludes our look at the Presidents career through the eyes of the political cartoonists across the country. Sorry we could only post 20.  We could have easily posted another 20 or so!  As of today we updated this article with another 10.  Just think;` we have another three years of this fun to look forward to!  

Next week we will look at politicians, mostly Democrats at the murky depths of the State and Local levels in Government, and the corruption they have spawned! How is Local and State Government corruption finding it's way into the national spotlight? Join us next week for these answers and more.  This has been Felicity for the Noodleman Group.   

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