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(The New Year's Funnies)

by Felicity Blaze Noodleman
Los Angeles, CA

As it turns out; we were right in our predictions last year for a dismal 2013.  President Obama almost drove us all over the “Fiscal Cliff”, presided over the Federal Government Shutdown, declared it wasn’t his fault and then admitted that he “screwed up”!  How’s that for a new White House batting average?  Oh yea; and did we mention that he did all of this while garnering the lowest poll ratings in Presidential history?

2014 is the beginning for the new so called “Affordable Health Care Act” to take effect as it becomes law.  All United States residents must now carry some kind of health insurance courtesy of Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the other Democrats in Congress.  How did our country ever get along without it for 237 years?

This is our last article for 2013 and with the new year just right around the corner we felt it only proper and fitting to make some New Year’s Resolutions suggestions for us all for 2014!  We also have some cartoons to illustrate making the whole idea of resolutions and commitments more realistic for the times we are living in!  I should also say that the list of most common resolutions is also the same as the list for the most commonly broken resolutions so beware and stay away from the really hard goals for 2014.  Make adjustments in your life style which you would be able to accomplish.

The old giving way to the new!

We wrote an article almost identical to this week’s article last year for 2013 resolutions which did really well with our readers so how could we resist another attempt at success.  Hopefully this year’s list will surpass our list for 2013 and make our 2014 a better than expected year!  If nothing else we promise to keep our resolutions on the lighter side and include plenty of humor.

Felicity Blaze

So what is my resolution for 2014?  To write 52 more articles for the “Noodleman Group”!  Each week is a challenge as we try to assess the subjects which are timely and other interesting subjects to post on the Blog.  Sometimes the news provides with plenty of material and during a slow news week we look for other interesting subjects to cover for your enjoyment.   Hope we have been doing a good job and look forward to doing so in the coming New Year!

Making a resolution is actually planning for the future and should be something we can build the remainder of our lives on.  The practice of making resolutions at the beginning of a New Year is probably older than the first written calendars themselves and can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians and Romans who would make a promise to their Gods at the beginning of their New Year.  

In Judaism the atonement of sins is made during the first 10 days of the New Year beginning on Rosh Hashanah, which marks the first day on the Hebrew calendar and the ritual concludes on Yom Kippur marking a new beginning.  During the middle ages Knights took the “Peacock Vow” at the end of the Christmas season renewing their commitment to Chivalry.   

There have been many Calendars used by different cultures down through the ages culminating with the calendar of today which is commonly known as the “Georgian Calendar” and is the “de facto” calendar used throughout world.  Each marks its first day of the New Year accordingly and is known by different names such as “Islamic New Year’s”, "Jewish New Year’s" or “Chinese New Year’s” for example.  On January 1st. it is a common practice to make resolutions to mark a commitment for the New Year.  Some of the most common resolutions are listed below:

  • Lose Weight
  • Exercise More
  • Save More – Spend Less
  • Get Organized
  • Enjoy Life To The Fullest
  • Learn Something New And Exciting
  • Quit Smoking
  • Volunteer
  • Fall In Love
  • Spend More Time With The Family
  • Eat Healthier
  • Drink Less
  • Travel
  • Be Less Stressed  

"The Funnies"

As always we are searching the Internet with "Google" and discovered some new resolutions which are worth considering if you are having problems thinking up some resolutions for yourself.

Choosing a new Health Insurance plan.  We all have seen the various insurance company logos and think them quite cute.  But now the  disastrous roll out of the “Affordable Care Act” has forced those in the White House to change the logo for “Obamacare” to an image that is far more fitting for the actual program.  In this continuing evolution of “Obamacare” one must wonder what the final image of Obama's crowning achievement will be.

Get a new pair of Glasses.

When the mad rush of Christmas is all over and we lie around in our chairs unable to move due to the fact that we are stuffed to the gills with turkey and the brussel sprouts have not yet started to work their magic, thoughts will start to turn to the New Year and the hopes and dreams we wish for, neatly sold as resolutions.

Well if you're gona go then go large:  purge all those bad habits! 

Stop watching “Mind Numbing” daytime TV talk programs such as Muray Povich, Ellen DeGeneres, and the Queen Latifh Shows, to name only a few! 
(Cartoon by Rachel Skoza)

Get a new Cell Phone!  I can’t help thinking that the best things in life are going to waste while we are all texting, emailing and checking our Twitter timeline.

Be original!  Break away from the "Flock", and above all be prepared for 
the unexpected.  Careful though; remember wireless in not always that secure.

The most common resolutions have to do with weight loss,
exercise and diet - probably to do with over indulgence over the

holidays.  Incidentally; there have been more books written on
these subjects than any other of self help topics.

Spend more quality time with your pets!

Cut back on the Coffee!

Smoke and drink less.

Exercise more efficiently!

Just let I.T. handle the problems as seen here with the “SPAM Expert”.

“I resolve to be more careful while social networking”. and

Review that “Facebook” account.

Make decisions for “Obama Care" - Which is why 2014 is the “Year of the Snake”
in more places than just China.

President Obama's New Year's resolution?

Stop posting stupid New Year's cartoons!

  • Showing Up At Work On Time
  • Driving The Speed Limit
  • Getting More Sleep
  • Get A Make Over
  • Drink Less Coffee
  • Budgeting Income
  • Making a Schedule 
  • Continue Education
  • Read More
  • Clean Storage & Closets / Donate to Charity
  • Eliminate Texting and Talking on Cell Phone While Driving

No matter what your choices and decisions are we hope you will be a successful and happier person in 2014!  If you're to undecided don't worry there's always 2015.  If keeping those resolutions don't work out at first - keep trying.  Nothing is gained if nothing is ventured!  So let's fill our glasses with hope and good cheer, toast each other and sing out the old and ring in the new year.  I'm Felicity and you've been with the "Noodleman Group".


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