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TAX DAY 7,548

TAX  DAY  and

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by Felicity Blaze Noodleman

This is the last weekend before the dead line arrives on April 15th.  for submitting our Tax Return to the Federal and State Governments.  This annual ritual begins with our first job as taxes are with held from the pay check and we learn filing the “1040” income tax form will adjust the taxes with held from our checks from the  tax bill we actually owe and establish the amount to be refunded to us.  If you have not filed yours yet and need more time then you need to file for an extension, form 4868, by midnight of the 15th.  You should check on line to find more information.

The Department of Internal Revenue was created by Congress (The Revenue Act of 1862) in 1862 Under President Lincoln for the purpose of temporarily raising funds to fight the American Civil War.  In 1872, seven years after the war ended the Civil War Income Tax expired.  This taxation also brought about inflation.  In addition to levying the Income Tax the Government was also printing more money and thereby caused the prices of goods to rise.  The Supreme Court declared Income Taxation Illegal in 1894 with the case of Pollack v. Farmers’ Loan and Trust Co.  In February of 1913 however, just like a Vampire rising from the dead, Congress passed the 16th.  Amendment and Americans have been burdened with Income Taxes from that day forward.  If you were looking for someone to blame for your tax headaches, it would be President Woodrow Wilson.  Thanks Woody!

My own experiences with April 15th.  throughout my life have been a process of keeping up with technology and seem to become more complicated over the years.  As my income grew so did the complexity of filing my taxes and now I dread it just as others do.  During my early adulthood, I did my taxes by hand so the only problems was getting the forms and publications from places such as the post office or library.  All I needed was a pen and some scratch paper to do my calculations (this was in the day before packet calculators).

As the years passed the Federal Government withheld more and more from our checks – added withholdings for Social Security, Medicare and will soon be withholding for “Obama” care Health insurance.  It seems that Congress will not be satisfied until all of our earnings have been appropriated and the Government completely and fully runs our lives.  I hope that day never comes.  If the tide is to be pushed back we need to begin now.  This is what the “Tea Party” movement was all about.

With the advances for doing taxes by computer, it still seems to be an uphill climb.  There was a wait for the State to publish their requirements and complete the program, so any head start in completing the process is abated while we wait for the State program to emerge so we are  finally able do our taxes.  The first time I did my taxes with a computerized program I was very disappointed by the drawn out process of answering all the questions.  I found myself thinking, I only have a simple return and it just would have been faster to do it by hand.

Today there are many options for completing this annual chore.  You could use a tax preparer such as H&R Block or other firm – even a privet accountant.  There is efile with the IRS along with a number of computerized tax programs.  If your old fashion like me you are now able to download and print your forms and publications from  You also may telephone and request all of the necessary information be mailed to you at no cost. 

Finally and last of all, the IRS will compute your tax and refund at no charge – only do so if your return is very simple.  No matter your choice; there will be a six week wait for a refund.  If you owe money to the IRS, it is due when you file.


I was talking to an accountant friend of mine and asked his what he thought about the whole process and was surprised by his answer.  He felt that the Government was violating our fourth amendment rights (unreasonable search and seizure) and intimidating everyone with the whole process!  He explained the reprisals which the Government levees when the IRS determines more tax is owed than has been paid are somewhat draconian.  It’s all enough to make anyone become a tax renunciate!

So How Are You Doing In The “Obama” Economy?

Why are so many people asking why these days?  Even those who supported President Obama in the election are now becoming disillusioned with the President, the Democrats and the Government as a whole.  Issues which people are speaking up about and asking why these days include: 

 Social disorganization
 Age and the life course
 Education and public schools
 Work and occupations
 Health and medicine
 Advertising junk food to children
 Alcohol and drugs
 Crime and the justice system
 Environmental racism
 Women in combat roles
 Hate crimes


The Democrats in Washington have created Agencies and Bureaus to deal with many of these topics.  They have "FARMED" these programs into never ending, on going institutions with no conclusion or resolution.  Billions of tax dollars have been appropriated on their behalf and yet the problems still seem to exist.  Wouldn't it be logical to assume that some of these agencies could be consolidated to save tax money in the $$Trillion Dollar$$ deficit  the nation is facing today?
Democrats have always made the pledge for better roads, schools, Social Security and health care for the elderly but lately many of these programs and institutions seem to be in decline.  Inflation and the rising costs for Government employee Union wages and pensions have helped create a record deficit at every level of Government.  Mean while core Government services are in decline and this has been before any budget cuts!  These are just generalized headings -
there are alot of programs which fall under them.

The Federal Budget is so big that that no one single person is able to keep up with it. The GAO (Government Accounting Office) in many cases is not always able to do the job effectively ether. It's not hard at all to hide PORK in such a Mammoth spread sheet. The above pie chart was supplied by CNN and only begins to scratch away at the surface of accountability for the US Budget. The actual document itself is the one single biggest publication I've ever seen!

Another area of the budget where Billions are wasted seems to be on foreigner affairs (Defence and International Security Assistance). I mean honestly, the US has had "boots on the ground" in so many areas of the world since WWII that it boggles the imagination, and yet it never stops!   Now, if we're not careful the US could right back in Korea again. We spend Billions in propping up Governments and paying them to be friendly with US concerns. The moneys spent for this area of the budget makes the domestic Social Services programs look like peanuts. Washington really needs to get out of the world affairs business and keep out of trouble abroad.

These are just a few of my thoughts as we prepare to file our individual taxes for 2012 on Monday, April 15, 2013.  Forbes is always a good financial publication to check, www.forbes. com/taxes/, especially the section on "What to do if you don't have the dough".  I'm Felicity for the Noodleman Group and "Happy Tax Day"! 

. . .and the Tax on Tax We'll call it the "Value Added Super Tax"!

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