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Tom and Katie call it "Quits Ville"

By Filicity Blaze Noodleman

First of all for the record let me state how below me this is! This is such“tabloid tripe “subject to write about. Hey, guess what, its Friday the 13th! I’m always saddened to hear about a marriage that’s calling it “Quits Ville”.  It’s as though I’m contributing to what will be turned into publicity spectacle. But wait a minute; before I can finish writing about the divorce, it’s over! As of July 9, 2012 Tom has signed the divorce settlement and slithered away. Katie has won her freedom. Hooray for her!

The exact details of the divorce settlement are not public at this time. "E" has reported that the couple had a prenup. agreement which is also not public at this time and that such prenup.'s are subject to the length of time spent in the marriage to determine cash payouts and the division of property. What we do know is that Tom and Katie have agreed to the "shared parenting" of their daughter Suri. Tom and Katie have both asked for the public to respect their right to privacy in the matter and I'm sure we'll know more as time moves by.

This is Tom’s third marriage in the last 25 years. I know Hollywood marriages suffer a lot because of the pressure involved with show business but this average is high even in Hollywood. Most of us can forgive one or even two bad marriages but its number three that really begins to plot a bad personality flaw and makes people feel this guy is no role model. As the revelation of Tom's dual lifestyle emerges one has to ask herself, did Tom give any consideration to his wife Katie's well being with to respect to HIV and AIDS? I think this is a big nightmare for most women.

Not enough room in the marriage bed for Tom, his gay relationships, Scientology and Katie! Some needed to go and Katie is opting out. Sad but true Katy with her daughters best interest at hart is moving out of the relationship and Scientology. I completely understand why. Scientology is a very domineering cult which is very hawkish in dealing with its followers. The organizations leadership seems to be very maniacal when ever I’ve seen them speak in the media. I can only wonder how they must deal with their membership in privet and I am really concerned about how they handle the children.

As for Tom Cruise and his boyish acting style; I’ve never really cared for it. I don’t think he’s a great actor at all. Never went to a film because he was in it and many times wished he wasn’t in the film period! Now for what I really think –Tom is lower than the pond scum under a snake’s belly. After this revelation and divorce I’ll avoid wasting my time and money by seeing another Cruise film!

Now on to Scientology. Since the days of L. Ron Hubbard’s paranoia with the Government infiltrating Scientology, the organization has been obsessed with spying on each of its members. This really sounds like Fascism to me. Another problem I’ve heard with Scientology is allegations of blackmail and mind control tactics.

L. Ron Hubbard and successor David Miscavige

Tom Cruise and David Miscavige salute each other at Scientology event.

Let’s examine Scientology a little more in depth. Its founder, L. Ron Hubbard dropped out of college at George Washington University in 1932 where he was studying civil engineering. Hubbard would soon fail again in the US Navy (1941 - 50) being dismissed from two command positions and resigning his commission in 1950. Hubbard evidently wrote during his spare time while in the Navy. He then turned pulp fiction writer writing short stories and novels. He wrote Dianetics in 1950 and founded The Church of Scientology in 1952 incorporated in Camden, New Jersey in 1953. Scientology under Lron’s, (as he was called), leadership experienced many problems with the U.S. Government for its practices. Problems with the FDA for pills being marketed as “Radiation Cures”. Scientology was investigated by the IRS and was concluded in 1993 granting Scientology tax exempt status as a religious organization. US standards must be pretty low!

Scientology conducts AA, (Alcoholics Anonymous) NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and an outreach known as CrimiNon (a prison rehabilitation program created by Scientology in 2000 which was spawned by Nar-Anon) in conjunction with its Dianetics, but at a price. AA and NA have many chapters and are mostly free to those who wish to participate asking only small donations to provide refreshments. It should be noted that AA and NA have had the most success with its "12 Step" programs in helping rehabilitate recovering addicts and has been doing so since l935. Al-Anon was formed in 1951 for families to provide support for family members in AA. Nar-Anon can be traced back to 1968 and established worldwide in 1986. As I have stated so many of these chapters are free and many may be found at participating Organizations and Churches.

* A few words about David Miscavige. He dropped out of high school at the age of 16 in 1976 and joined Scientology's Sea Organization. Sea Org. has been described as Scientology's Para military branch. Although it is not publicly documented, Miscavige's education was completed in Scientology. He is chairman of the board at Scientology and is the head of the Regional Training Center (RTC). The "New Yorker" has reported Miscavige's wife Michele Diane "Shelly" Miscavige as missing since 2006 and her where about is still unknown at this time. He is estimated to be worth 50 million.

LRon has been described as a Paranoid Schizophrenic and set up his own office within Scientology to investigate what he perceived as “Crimes against the Church”, the G.O. (Guardians Office) and other internal organizations within Scientology to deal with members the Church found to be undesirables. If you ask me, I would call him a Paranoid Schizophrenic with Maniacal Tendencies! You know a bad character out of a "James Bond" novel who was bent on taking over the world, or the real "Dr. Evil" out of "Austin Powers"! Scientology was investigated for burglarizing US Government offices to include the Department of Justice and the IRS. Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue and 10 members of Scientology’s G.O. (Guardians Office) were convicted and sent to prison in the late 1970’s.

L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology books.  (1)  Brain-Washing published in 1955
(2)  Dianetics - 1950  and  (3)  Scientology - 1954? 
Scientology claims Hubbard has authored some 500 novels and short stories.

Hubbard led a somewhat bizarre lifestyle. Ranging from the occult in 1945, he was influenced by his landlord and had a sexual relationship with his land lord’s 21 year old girl friend in Pasadena CA, to his small fleet of sea ships which sailed in the Mediterranean which were supported with funds from Scientology. He lived in hiding for a number of years fleeing from extradition to France where he was convicted in absentia for fraud and customs violations he was sentenced to four years and fined 35,000FF ($7,000.). He lived incognito at a number of residences in the US from New York to California continuing as the leader of Scientology and issuing his dictates by messenger. In reality his true life story was better reading than any of the pulp fiction he’d ever written.

David Miscavige and Scientologists in their "Sea Org. uniforms.

* As I delve further into my research on Scientology I am seeing some striking similarities to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany during the 1920’s and 30’s. The fascism of Scientology, the uniforms, how Scientology deals internally with its members, and the core book of Dianetics. All of these traits were evident with Hitler; the “Brown Shirt” uniforms, the same kind of Fascism and Hitler’s book, “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle). It’s somewhat ironic because Hubbard himself was fearful Scientology was being attacked by an international Nazi conspiracy which he referred to as the “Tenyaka Memorial”.

It should be noted that Scientology is not recognized as a religion in a number of countries to include: Canada, England, France, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Israel, Mexico, Greece and Germany which closely monitors Scientology’s activities. In other areas of the world Scientology has been challenged and denied many of the privileges granted to religious institutions. There are other countries in the world however which do recognize Scientology as a religion: mostly in Eastern Europe, Portugal, Spain, and Australia.

In all of my research on Scientology and my experiences with its Church members I’ve yet to discover how Scientology can help me become a better Christian. That’s something they don’t talk about and this is where I begin to become aggravated with them. They are not a church in the Christian sense of the word and only seek to benefit from the tax exempt status associated with being a recognized religion.

Back in the 1980's I would sometimes pass Scientology’s building on Hollywood Blvd. and would be asked to take their stress /personality test and was told how much I could benefit from reading Dianetics. I tell them I already have a religion and keep on walking. At this time Hubbard was missing. Scientologists gave the impression that foul play was involved but in reality Hubbard was living in hiding and did so until the end of his life in 1986 at the age of 74. I also remember seeing Scientologists in their uniforms and asking myself is this a religion or a military organization of some sort? They give religion a bad name!

Hitler and Hubbard.  Same crap - different organization!

* One thing about the world today; the world can track an organization by following its progress on the Internet. People can get complete information, personal reviews and are no longer debatable. It will become harder for organizations like Scientology to operate as they have in the past. All of the information in this article is verifiable on the web. You can also see and hear testimonials of X-Scientologists on “YouTube”.

Lastly A few words about“Dianetics”. Hubbard had no credentials for writing this kind of book. A college drop out with no training in Psychology, Theology or any association with a Divinity school, Dianetics is pure speculation on Hubbard’s part. Dianetics is not a text for study at any College or University and the Scientology’s “Religious Theology Center” is not an accredited school with transferable hours to other Colleges and Universities. If you are looking for self help books in this area then I would like to suggest Many good books have been published in many areas by PhD’s who are qualified to help people. One thing is certain; Scientology has nothing to do with science nor has it anything to do with Christianity as we know it.

Next week we will be discussing the Pharmaceutical Industry. I’m Felicity and we’ll see you then. HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th!

* All art and photos for this article provided by "Google Images", Compositing and Titles by Felicity Blaze Noodleman.

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