Friday, June 1, 2012


By Felicity Blaze Noodleman

I wanted to write a fun article this week – something about summer as we all make vacation plans but before I could begin to dream my mind quickly returned to reality.  The reality of affording a fun vacation for the summer.  The experts are saying the economy is improving since the housing crash of 2008 but the recovery has been very slow and things remain for all practice purposes about the same.  With the big election coming in November it will be a “Summer of Decision” for many.

I should state the purpose of this article is to be critical of both candidates running for president.  Once again I’m afraid we have two bad choices!  Republicans are yearning for another Ronald Reagan and Democrats seek another Franklin Roosevelt.  But wait a moment – maybe we will have some fun this summer.  That’s right; get out the styrofoam straw hats, balloons, banners, red white and blue bunting, party buttons and flags because political silly season is almost here!  (Special thanks to Dave Granlund for providing the wonderful cartoons through Google Images.  You can see more of his work and political satire on his web site at  I, however, will take credit for compositing the three images and title at the beginning of this article!)

In addition to going to the beach, picnicking in the park, playing softball, reading that new book, looking for a new car and traveling to a National Park and learning about the new computer or video game we will be able to poke fun at our political system and the people in it.  How delicious is that!  I think it’s safe to say that no one is above reproach in this year’s election.  There’s enough mud to go around for everyone!

A few things to watch for on the campaign trail will be:
·       Political scandals
·       See where the money goes
·       The Democratic and Republican National Conventions
·       What will the candidates actually be saying
·       What will the comedians be saying
·       Who is best at “putting lipstick on the pig”
·       Who will support who
·       Who can eat the most Corn Dogs
·       What will the pun-dents be saying
·       What will the “X” Presidents be saying
·       Who can sell the most “soft soap”
·       Who will spend the most for your Vote
·       Who’s the best baby kisser
·       Will “The Donald” Trump get to utter those famous words “your fired”
Stay tuned!  It’s all coming to a big screen near you.  Both conventions will try to tell us all why they are so wonderful and why the other party is so awful. 

The Democratic convention will rubberstamp the party ticket of Obama-Biden and define the party platform and “planks” (issues Democrats will be committed to for the next four).

The Republican convention will be the one to watch.  Mitt Romney, based on his total delegate count (now at some 1,191) will be nominated as the Republican Presidential candidate.  The convention delegates will nominate a VP running mate which may or may not be put forth by Gov. Romney.  I am expecting the VP nomination to be someone from the south or western US and also someone who can close the “gender gap”.  I think and excellent choice would be Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under President George W. Bush.  Dr. Rice also served as a member of the National Security Council under President George H.W. Bush as his advisor on East European and Soviet affairs.  Republicans will also define their “party planks” and platform for the next four years.   

I will limit my remarks about each of the candidates to only one comment.  If you remember; last week I wrote the two worst things you can talk about with people is Religion and Politics - and now I have broken that rule.  As a new Blog writer who is trying to build a good readership base I should be more careful about what I write.  Oh well, “poor pitiful, despicable me”.

First I’ll begin with the President, Barack Obama:  After the 2010 midterm elections both the President and his party have their work cut out for them.  The country told the Dem.’s in no uncertain terms that they were not happy with “Obama change”.   Even the President admitted he and the party had been “shellacked”.  Good luck with turning that defeat around!

Now for the former Governor, Mitt Romney:  Gov. Romney’s biggest stumbling block is his past business practices.  It’s very hard for him to act like he cares about “out of work” Americans when he has put so many out of work in the company’s he has been associated with.

There!  That’s all.  Now I’ve had my say.  Hope you will have a fabulous summer! 

I’m Felicity and this has been the Noodleman Group.

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