Friday, May 18, 2012



By Felicity Blaze Noodleman

Have you ever wondered if you were going crazy as in losing your mind, having a meltdown, losing touch with reality or going berserk?  Is it me or just the other 99%?  “I’m OK – You’re OK” or “I’m OK and You’re not”!  It’s always good to take an inventory of your assists and mental health is no exception.

We all question ourselves at one time or another.  That’s why we are normal.  We are able to distinguish where the line between the two different states of mind are.  Society sets the parameters for what is accepted as normal and proper behavior and what is not.  In our society these parameters allow for modifications based on fashion, attitudes, ethnic behavior and just plain old change for the fun in it.  We even embrace some new kooky thing and celebrate it as brilliance and even imitate it.

However; there are many forms of behavior which indicate we are making or have made a break with reality and are becoming socially unacceptable and even becoming a danger to ourselves and to those around us.  This article is not intended to poke fun at these actions but help those who may be in trouble.  Some things to look for are:

·         Talking to yourself even when others are present
·         Talking under your breath to and about people
·         Talking loudly and aggressively on a regular basis
·         Germophobia becomes an obsession
·         Every day is a bad hair day and hats are the only solution
·         Loosing interest in things you once loved
·         You feel bipolar and don’t know it
·         Always disagreeable
·         You have the only franchise on God
·         All your meds and vitamins are no longer working
·         Sensitivativety to light and sound for prolonged periods
·         Find yourself in a catatonic daze
·         A hoarder – unable to throw anything away or must have as much of a thing as possible
·         Wearing highly unusual articles of dress every day – Such as wearing a “Tiara” for example
·         Any self destructive behavior

Alcohol and narcotics; both prescription and “street drugs” open the door where psychosis, neurosis and paranoia ect. all live.  If you think there might be a problem there are many groups you can turn to.  Whether or not you indulge with any substances, groups like “AA” and “NA” might help you decide if you need to make some adjustments in your life.  New participants are always welcome and they all practice confidentiality.  What is talked about in the group stays in the group!

I’m not a Doctor although both my stepfather and brother are practicing Psychiatrists.  There are plenty of self help professionals working in the media to help all of us and many books have been written on so many different subjects for our consideration. We can even “Google” symptoms over the net.  I will defer to them as I dispense my advice.   Things your mom told you are also a good place to start.

A few words about anger.  Most of us spend their early formative years learning how to behave socially in the home, school, and in public.  Now as an adult with your own job, home and family everyone needs to still practice tolerance where anger is concerned.  You may feel the need to “fly off the handle” or act crazy to emphasize a point but acting crazy can soon turn into being crazy.  Remember: anger feeds on itself and the more you feed it the bigger it becomes until you are no longer able to control it.

We all become “out of sorts” occasionally and the best advice is always eat a good diet from all the food groups, get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water.  Simple dehydration can really harm you and so can too much of a good thing.  Good mental and physical health is your greatest asset so take care of yourself.

Now a few words about aging.  It’s no secret that as we grow older our mental faculties begin to decline.  We get a little bit older and a little bit slower.  Our minds can begin to decline beginning in our late 20’s.  The first thing most notice is a loss in short term memory.  Now that people are living longer what was once thought to be the onset of senility has been studied and termed as “Alzheimer’s” disease.  Scientists and Doctors are looking for a cure or at least treatment to relieve the painful side effects of the disease.  Also; note that as we become older less brain cells are growing at a phase in our lives when we losing more of them.

All of the afore mentioned conditions can radically alter our personality.  It only makes sense that we should take every precaution to keep ourselves mentally fit as possible! 

I’m Felicity and you’re with the Noodleman Group!

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